OGAE Song Contest 2020 – Greece

OGAE Greece will be represented by Nikos Oikonomopoulos with Valto Terma


Nikos Oikonomopoulos was born on 30 June 1984 in Patra. He sang in different cities, initially in the Peloponnese and then in Northern Greece. In December 2006 he emerged as the winner of the reality of Alpha TV show, “Dream Show – the Music 2 His first studio album was released on 15 November 2007 titled Proti Agapi (First Love). Since then he has released countless singles and albums, and has performed a number of successful live concerts.


Έλα κοντά μου..
Να δεις τον ουρανό, απ’ τη μεριά μου..
Έλα κοντά μου..
Το σώμα σου, να γίνει, μυρωδιά μου..

Ξύπνα με..
Στο όνειρό σου, αν δεν ήρθα…
Ξυπνά με..
Κι αγκαλιά μου, να σ είχα..
Όλη νύχτα..

Σ αγαπώ..
Αυτό ειν’ το θέμα..
Θα στο πω..
Και «βάλ’το τέρμα…»

«Βάλτο τέρμα…»
Σ αγαπάω εσένα..
Βάλ’το τέρμα…
Ποιος κοιμάται, ξέχνα..

Πίστεψε το..
Και δυνάμωσέ το…
Βάλτο τέρμα..
Σ αγαπάω εσένα…

Ελα κοντά μου..
Και κάτσε να κουμπωσω, τα φτερά μου..
Ελα κοντά μου…
Σκιά να αποκτήσει, η σκιά μου..

Lyrics (English)

Come close to me..
To see the sky, from my side ..
Come close to me..
Your body, to become, my smell ..

Wake me up..
In your dream, if I did not come…
Wake me up..
And my hug, if I had you ..
All night..

I love you..
This is the issue ..
I ‘ll tell you..
And “put an end to it”

“Put it to the max…”
I love you ..
Put it to the max…
Who sleeps, forget ..

Believe it..
And strengthen…
Put it to the max..
I love you…

Come close to me..
And sit down and button up, my wings ..
Come close to me…
Shadow to acquire, my shadow ..

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