OGAE Song Contest 2020 – Latvia

OGAE Latvia will be represented by Lauris Reiniks with Dīvaini Mierīgi


Lauris Reiniks is a singer, songwriter, television host, and actor. He trained as an actor in Los Angeles, California. He has released eight solo albums and singles in 11 languages. As a composer and recording artist he has received more than 20 National Latvian awards and has gained international recognition in the Baltic states. He is also the Season 1 winner of Latvian “Dancing with the Stars” show. He is best known to Eurovision fans as being a member of F.L.Y. who took part in the 2003 contest with “Hello From Mars”.


Tik neparasts, tik dīvains rīts ir bez mums
Man sirdī dur, cik ilgi tā par mums skums

Es ķertu tevi plaukstās, pat aukstās
Nebaidies, ja drīz nesanāks
Dīvaini mierīgi dienas steidzas

Zīmēju tevi uz baltas sienas
Dīvaini mierīgi laiku skaitu
Vienīgi tevi es gaidu, gaidu
Vēlreiz tepat.

Un tālumā es dzirdu soļi kā klaudz
Tie tuvojas un tas man nozīmē daudz
Kā lai zin, cik bezgalīgi ilgi, ilgi
Ļausi man vēl nepieskarties.

Lyrics (English)

Such an unusual, so strange morning is without us
I’ll hold you in the palm of your hand, even in the cold
Don’t be afraid if you don’t meet soon
Strange calm days in a hurry

I draw you on a white wall
Strange calm number of times
Only I’m waiting for you, waiting for you
Here again.

And in the distance I hear footsteps as they clap
They are approaching and it means a lot to me
How to know how infinitely long, long
Let me not touch yet.

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