OGAE Song Contest 2021 – Cyprus

OGAE Cyprus will be represented by Monsieur Doumani with “Pissourin


The band consists of Antonis Antoniou, Demetris Yiasemides and Andys Skordis. The band’s music is a blend of the traditional element with modern genres. Coming from different musical backgrounds, but influenced by the Cypriot tradition at various levels, Monsieur Doumani compose Cypriot songs that draw inspiration from contemporary Cypriot society as well as from the shaky conditions of our era. The original identity of the group was determined by the adaptation of Cypriot traditional pieces, with a special contemporary color in sound and mood, forming a style distinctively their own.

The competing song is titled “Pissourin” and is sung entirely in the Cyprus dialect.


Στα πισσούρκα ξημουττίζουν
τζ̆αι σε ξ̆υ̮ούσιν
Τες οθόνες σου γυαλλίζουν,
στ’ όρομαν σου ξαγρυπνούσιν

Του χορού τσ̆αλίμι’ αρκεύκουν
τζ̆αι γλεντούσιν
Τον χαβάν σου πασπατεύκουν,
την νοσ̆σ̆ιάν σου ακολουθούσιν

Συμπουρκούν σε, «Σήκου πάνω,
τι τζ̆ηεύκεις, πού πεζεύκεις,
ποιαν στραπήν καβαλλιτζ̆εύκεις;

Σήκου, φόρησε στεφάνιν,
το πισσούριν εν η ώρα
που θκιανέμουνται τα δώρα

Το περικλοκάιν να το δεις τον Μάην,
θα ταχτεί να πάει στους αυγερινούς
Τραππηδά με χάζ̆ια στ’ άβατα ππερβάζ̆ια,
μυρωθκιές τζ̆αι νάζ̆ια στους αστερισμούς»

Lyrics (English)

They sneak out in the darkness of night
and they scratch you
They polish your screens,
they stay awake in your dream

They begin their dancing tricks
and have fun
They mess with your mood,
they follow your reflection

They stir you up, ‘Get up,
you rascal,
what are you saving, where are you getting off,
which lightning are you mounting?

Get up, wear a wreath,
a light attractor,
darkness is the time
when gifts are handed out

You’ll see the bindweed in May,
it’ll promise to go to the cracks of dawn
It jumps, laughing, on sacrosanct window sills,
with smells and coyness up in the stars’

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