OGAE Song Contest 2021 – Slovenia

OGAE Slovenia will be represented by Maraaya with “Dobr’gre”


Maraaya are a Slovenian duo founded by Marjetka Vovk and Raay in 2014. The group’s name is a combination of its members’ names, while its pronunciation means “She has Raay” in Slovene. With help and international cooperation of well known Estonian Vita Pictura Productions, they became one of the few Slovenian artists to get an official VEVO channel on YouTube. Raay is credited as co-writer and producer for many Slovenian artists. He is credited as the composer on Slovenia’s 2014 Eurovision song “Round and Round”, and they both contributed to Slovenia’s 2014 Junior Eurovision song with “Nisi sam (Your Light)” and 2015 Junior Eurovision song with “Prva ljubezen” (The First Love). In 2013 Raay co-wrote and produced the music for “My Way Is My Decision”, a hit song performed by Slovenian alpine skier Tina Maze. Raay co-wrote, produced and recorded first two singles (“Muza” and “Heart of Gold”) for BQL, a Slovenian brothers duo.

In September 2017 they signed a contract with Warner Music Group and became the first Slovenian artists to sign with Warner Music. After BQL, they are the second Slovenian artist to reach the top position on the national official singles charts SloTop50, with at least two singles: “Here for You” and “Diamond Duck”.


Včeraj me kliče,
a se ne oglasim,
tam vse poznam,
tja si ne želim.

Majhen trenutek,
velik spomin,
vse, kar imam,
dih in izdih.

Zdaj bom v jutro
se sveža prebudila
in z optimizmom
nadela si bom krila.

Ooo, ooo.

Res mi dobr’ gre,
v divjem ritmu bije vse,
ja, res mi dobr’ gre,
danes naj zapiše se.

Res mi dobr’ gre,
to življenje zame pisano je,
dobr’ gre,
uživam ga in to je vse.

Zamenjaj z mano
lepo za lepo,
ne rabim rame,
ni črno nebo.

Ker sem v jutro
se sveža prebudila
in z optimizmom
nadela sem si krila.

Ooo, ooo.

Lyrics (English translation)

He called me yesterday,
but I don’t answer,
I know everything there,
I don’t want to go there.

A little moment,
great memory
everything i have
inhale and exhale.

I’ll be in the morning now
she woke up fresh
and with optimism
I’ll put on my wings.

Ooo, ooo.

I’m doing really well,
beats everything in a wild rhythm
yeah, i’m really good,
let it be written down today.

I’m doing really well,
this life is written for me,
good go
i enjoy it and that’s it.

Swap with me
nice for nice
I don’t need a shoulder,
it is not a black sky.

Because I’m in the morning
she woke up fresh
and with optimism
I put on my wings.

Ooo, ooo.

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